7 Fast Ways to Stop Underarm Sweating... & Finally Stop the Embarrassment

"I'll show you the exact steps & specific directions to help you get back your confidence & get rid of the Sweat Monster...and stay dry!

Dear Friend,

I have some important questions for you. Think carefully as you answer.

Have you ever sweated so much, & you were literally dripping with sweat from your armpits, that you felt everybody was staring at you?

At that moment, did you wish you could just dig yourself a hole & crawl in it?  

Do you spend ages trying to figure out what to wear, making sure your clothes pass the “sweat test”, so that your armpit sweat won’t show?

Are you tired of hiding your excessive underarm sweating, & being afraid to let anyone know what you are going through?

Do you avoid of social situations & socializing, for the fear of being humiliated & embarrassed when others notice your armpit sweat?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then I have some important news for you… The news is that you are NOT alone.

I know how it feels like, suffering with excessive underarm sweating. I struggled with it for many years. Ever since I can remember I always had the problem of excessive armpit sweating. I sweated in my underarms whether it was hot or cold, whether it was night or day.

This problem started when I was 15, & it was so bad, the teacher sent my mom a note telling her my shirt is always wet, that she should pack extra shirts whenever I go to school. Oh the embarrassment! In high school I was known as “drip drip”.

My teenage years were the toughest; I suffered alone with excessive armpit sweating in silence. I did my best, so that no one knew I had a problem. Even when I built up the courage to tell my parents. They just said ”it’s normal to sweat, don’t worry about it, you are growing up & it will go away”.

I was so frustrated they didn’t know the extent of how I suffered with armpit sweating. In High school, everybody thought I was a goth, because all I wore was black & some really baggy outfits. I wanted to cover my sweat stains as much as possible, pretend I was “normal” like everyone else. But deep down I felt like a freak, I use to wonder why I can’t just be “normal” I became so withdrawn & a social recluse.

Who can forget prom, my prom night was a disaster, I think I have never sweated like that before in my life. My whole shirt & tuxedo was drenched with sweat from my pits; you would have thought I had jumped in a pool. I felt so sorry for my date, Mary Sue! I hope she still doesn’t remember this…

So almost my whole life I have lived with excessive underarm sweating. Fast forward, when I first got my first job in an office. That was just the beginning of more humiliation & embarrassments to deal with.

Whenever I would go to work I honestly couldn’t bring enough shirts, just to stay dry. Any time I was in a position that I had ANY nervousness or I was around a group of people, there was a puddle of sweat dripping from my underarms, literally. I resorted to rolling up Toilet Paper and sticking it under my arms for about an hour before I had to change it. Bad thing it would get so wet, it fell apart and if I wasn’t watching… you could track my steps… but I would usually pick anything up if it fell out… Completely humiliating!

My social life was non-existent, I shyed away from friends, I had no girlfriend. My life was depressing to say the least. I started to refuse certain invitations, like a cycle tour through wine country, or watching a sports game in the middle of summer, because I knew there would be no way to hide the armpit sweat.

Suffering with excessive armpit sweating, made me a master of hiding it & pretending everything was fine. My whole life felt like a prison, I couldn’t wear what I wanted. I even couldn’t give hugs to people for the fear they will notice my underarm sweat. I was so fed up; I just wanted to be normal was that too much to ask.

Sometimes being in very public situations, I could feel the cold sweat drip from my armpits all the way down the sides of my body. What kind of life was this, I wanted to scream! I was ready to just dig a hole and crawl in it!!!

One night a few years ago, I got sick and tired of not knowing how to stop this excessive armpit sweating. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I couldn’t stand the idea that I was going to spend the rest of my life not knowing how it feels like to be dry, and confident without the baggage of armpit sweating.

It’s like I never thought of anything else except my armpit sweating. I had lots of regrets, I didn’t enjoy my teenage years, and I counted them as wasted. Now I was in my 20’s & this SWEAT MONSTER was trying to now claim this part of my life. I thought I was young & I deserved to live a happy life.

And if by some divine intervention or whatever you may call it, zs I flicked the TV on, there was this show going on & I just managed to catch the end part. There was this gentleman who said some powerful words, which I believe will stay with me for the rest of my life. He said The way your life is, is your responsibility. Quit blaming everyone else, YOU do something about it." He said you may have not being responsible for the way your life turned up, but you are responsible for keeping it that way. So I made up mind that day on the 28th of November 2004 to turn my life around. See I might have not been responsible for having excessive armpit sweating, but I’m responsible for deciding to keep it that way or to change it. 

It doesn't have to be this way!

I went on a personal mission, and spent years reading and studying all of the books, tapes, and seminars on excessive sweating, in particular excessive armpit sweating. But the frustrating part was that most of what I learned was WRONG - most of it simply didn’t work when I tried it!

See the problem of medical books, or most books which are health related, is that they are written by medical researchers. And this makes them full of unproven research & medical theories. If you have ever seen a medical journal it is something to just put you off. The jargon itself written in those books is enough to make you run.

A lot of those books are based on-going research which has not even been proven yet. So I was frustrated as I read one book after the other, but none provided concrete solutions, only theories which didn’t work.

During this time of research, just by accident I managed to stumbled on different methods which seemed to work to stop my armpit sweating. See just like Thomas Edison who tried 1000 times & failed, before he discovered the light bulb. I had tried different tests, different products. But none of them worked, I was more like a guinea pig experimenting on myself with different things.

When you are desperate & passionate you will do what it takes. But thankfully I was able to finally stop my armpit sweating. No matter how bad your condition is, I just want to let you know there is hope. It surely can’t get worse, I thought I was at my wits end, until I found something that worked.  

What's the root cause?

What was liberating for me, was finally being able to put a name to my condition. All those years I had suffered in silence, & I thought I was just a “freak” But when I made up my mind to find a solution to stop my excessive armpit sweating, I found out I suffered from a condition called axillary hyperhidrosis.

Just knowing this was like a whole weight was lifted off my shoulders. You cannot fight your enemy, if you don’t know who your enemy is. For me this was a big "aha!" moment & it made me research all I could about this condition & also put my focus in the right direction.

Most people who have excessive underarm sweating or axillary hyperhidrosis, try to fight the symptoms without first really understanding the cause.

So what’s hyperhidrosis? In some people, the body’s mechanism for cooling itself is overactive — so overactive that they may sweat four or five times more than is necessary, or normal. This type of sweating always occurs on very specific areas of the body.

This kind of excessive sweating is a serious medical condition. It afflicts millions of people around the world (approximately 3% of the population) but because of lack of awareness, more than half of these people are never diagnosed or treated for their symptoms. When this type of excessive sweating occurs in your underarms in particular, it is called axillary hyperhidrosis. It can range from very mild sweating on your armpits, to very extreme sweating on your armpits.

Over the years I managed to network with people who suffered with excessive underarm sweating. It was hard at first finding them believe me. If you suffer from excessive armpit sweating, you become a master at hiding it. But I was able to share my methods & discoveries for stopping armpit sweating.

I was surprised by the results, for some it worked like a charm immediately, others it took a while but it still worked. My methods which I had spent years researching, not only worked for me, they also produced results for others.

This journey of excessive armpit sweating turned me into another man. I was able to conquer my biggest enemy, after years of fighting. For a long time my friends have been watching me transform from this once shy guy to a very confident person. I was no longer worried about my armpit sweating. And finally for once I was able to stay dry. And my friends started telling me “You have to write a book. You have to write a book.”

So that’s what I’ve done. I’ve taken the time to write down everything that I’ve learned and discovered in my new eBook in plain, easy-to-understand language. A good friend of mine showed me how to publish the eBook online and make it available to you for instant download. I call this a special report; because I go straight to the point & give you the exact methods I & others have used to stop excessive armpit sweating. This is strictly no B.S, but 7 methods which will finally help you get back your confidence & stop your armpit sweating.

The eBook is called “7 Ways to Stop Underarm Sweating

I have learned a lot about excessive underarm sweating & I know what works, & what doesn’t work. I’ll teach you the right things to do. It doesn’t matter how long your excessive armpit sweating has been for.

I will take you step by step & show you methods you can use to finally get rid of it. By the way, this isn’t some repackaged medical book that’s filled with ridiculous ideas and out-of-date theories.

This book is full of fresh, original ideas all backed by years of my own personal research and my own real world experience learning from scratch. I’m not kidding around with you – I learned all this stuff the hard way. You won’t find this kind of information in any other book – I guarantee it. I’ve decided to publish this manual only as an ‘eBook’… which means that you can download it and start learning these secrets immediately- right from the privacy and comfort of your computer…

7 Ways to Stop Underarm Sweating... & Finally Stop the Embarrassment!

excessive underarm sweating

Here are some f the secrets you’ll learn inside my informative eBook...

• A proven, step-by-step plan to get rid of your armpit sweating and get you dry & confident in the fastest amount of time humanly possible.

• The single most powerful way to boost your mood & at same time regulate how your body sweats. Using a very ingenious & practical trick which works like a charm all the time.

• A simple strategy that controls your armpit sweating, in any social situation. You no longer need to feel the anxiety of sweating.

“My 13 year old daughter and I began using one of these methods for about a week. She is very active in sports and was beginning to feel self conscious about her under arm wet marks. I’ve been dealing with wetness during stress and physical activity. I’ve tried many different products with no relief. Until I was recommended this product by one of my cousins that had the same problem as I did. I still can’t believe that is actually works. My daughter and I are absolutely thrilled. I would highly recommend this product to anybody” P.sharpe, Cranston RI

• A very efficient technique that allows you to be more productive at work, without your armpits sweating.

• Discover free, easy & harmless ways to stop your underarm sweating that were under your nose all this time.

• Program your body & change its sweat regulation, hence stopping your armpit sweating. With a very simple & powerful technique, that’s a game changer. Not only will it help you stop underarm sweating, but also in other areas of life too.

• Stop you’re sweating instantly & get back your confidence instantly, using a hidden everyday application.

• Learn how to easily leverage the expert advice from medical professionals. Without you doing all the leg work, without you paying any money. Let them work hard for you to stop your armpit sweating.

“I’m 17 and I didn’t start sweating excessively until about 6 months ago. I was really embarassed and didn’t really know how to handle the situation. I absolutely love wearing solid colored T-Shirts, but I couldn’t wear them anymore without getting wet rings of sweat on my clothing. I had to wear a tight shirt in a musical, and after just 10 minutes on stage, I was sweating so badly I was paranoid to lift my arms. A friend overheard me complaining about it and told me to try this. I was sceptical at first, but………. I noticed a HUGE difference. I no longer have to worry about sweating through my clothing and I can wear whatever I want. If you suffer from excessive sweating, do try this, you won’t regret it” Shyla, Utah

These are just few of the many things you will learn on how to stop your armpit sweating once & for all. This eBook contains everything you need to know to put an end to excessive underarm sweating quickly, easily and naturally!

• No more feeling embarrassed, ashamed, withdrawn & upset because of excessive underarm sweat …

• No more worrying about ruining your favorite shirts with sweat stains …

• No more needing to wear undershirts to provide extra protection against your underarm sweating …

• No more getting anxiety attacks because of the fear of constant sweating.

• No more being concerned with trying to keep your armpits cool throughout the day.

• No more dreading going outside on a warm day…

• No more avoiding social interaction, instead you can be more confident & get back your self -esteem.

• No more feeling wet & uncomfortable - you no longer have to suffer through the uncomfortable feeling of cold streams of sweat flowing freely down your waist.

• No more wearing only black & taking forever deciding you're going to wear because you are thinking, “how am I going to hide these sweaty pits today?”

• No more hiding... more living!

These methods have already worked for lots of people and they will work for you as well!

"Not very often does a “miracle product” come along that lives up to all the hype…. not only lives up to the hype, it exceeded my expectations. I used to sweat a lot and it made me very self conscious. Now I can go all day without any noticable perspiration. I can wear dark colored shirts again!!! Spence, michigan

I firmly believe that the “7 Ways To Stop Underarm Sweating” eBook is the absolute best, most effective and safest way to stop excessive underarm sweating available today. The best part is you don’t have to wait for this book to come in the mail, or drive to a store to get it. You can download it all to your computer right now for only $47.

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anxietyIf you’re suffering from an anxiety disorder, you need more than just to ‘chill out.’ You need expert information that will help you figure out what treatments to discuss with your doctor.

With Tips and Tricks for Relieving Anxiety…Fast! You can learn the basics of managing anxiety in minutes, not hours of therapy or dozens of prescriptions.

By learning to deal with anxiety when it happens, you will be able to keep your cool and still continue on with your day.

Having to deal with the baggage of trying coping with excessive armpit sweating, can sometimes drive you off the walk.

And the more you become anxious, the more you sweat which just seems to escalate the condition. So you must learn how to handle that anxiety first.

We all have been in those situations, where we were sweating so much, dripping in sweat. And noticed someone looking as us, which set off all the panic alarms, because of the embarrassment & humiliation we felt. Learning how to deal with panic attacks & anxiety as it happens will help us better cope in social situations.

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alternative medicineThis an informative guide of natural, alternative medicine options to help deal a myriad of ailments.

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Alternative medicine is fast becoming the gold standard in health care for those who are disenchanted with the results – or lack thereof– that conventional medicine has produced for them.

Many allopathic doctors have begun to embrace certain alternative medicine remedies and treatments, as they have seen for themselves the power behind these age-old solutions for good health.

Herbs, acupuncture, yoga, massage therapy, and holistic living all contribute to good health in ways that the medical profession is just now beginning to realize.

Sweat Labs- 30 Day FREE Trial $17

underarm sweat interviewsFREE live “Interviews with Excessive Sweat Experts” just for purchasing my eBook. When I was first starting on the path to stop my armpit sweating, one of the single most important things I did was to find, meet and learn from guys who were already had dealt with issues of excessive sweating & having the kind of success that I wanted.

Sure… I put in a lot of hard work and dedication on my own… but my biggest breakthroughs came from learning and observing guys who were “the best”… and finding out just what exactly they did that made them to stop their excessive sweating.

Learning from experts who, went through what you are going through is vitally important… I can’t tell you how many YEARS of time and effort this cut off of my learning curve… or even if I would have EVER reached success without taking this vital step. Because this is so important, I’ve begun tracking down as many of these masters as I can to get them to “spill their guts” for the benefit of all mankind.

Every month I do a live audio interview with an expert that is VERY successful in treating excessive sweating.

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Let’s wrap this up… here's what you'll get inside

 stop underarm sweating

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Let me ask you this: What if this knowledge helps you get rid of just half of your armpit sweating? Just half, what would that be worth to you?

Now ask yourself: What if there’s even a chance that this book can actually teach you how to get rid of your entire armpit sweating – and let you live the kind of life you always wanted, free from this burden forever. Confident to do whatever you want & to go wherever you want?

What if you really can learn how to stop your excessive armpit sweating and get this part of your life handled for good? How much would that be worth to you? A thousand dollars? Ten thousand? More? For most people I know, it would be priceless.

Just the POSSIBILITY of having this kind of success with your sweating would be worth the investment. I personally invested over three years and lots of dollars to learn how to stop excessive underarm sweating. I wish that I would have been able to buy this knowledge, insight and experience for just 47 when I started.

And I know that you’ll be glad you made the investment in yourself once you have your first success after reading it. This much is for sure: possibly for the rest of life, if you don’t get your excessive sweating handle, you will have to deal with more embarrassing & humiliating situations. Just struggling to stay dry, day after day, living a life of exclusion & just watching your life pass you by.

So are you going to take control of your life once & for all? Or is life going to take control of you? Are you going to let this opportunities slip by and never know what might have happened?

I have one final thought to share with you. After studying behavior for many years, I know one thing: If you don’t make the decision to get this part of your life handled right now, there’s a very small chance that you’re going to do anything about it in the future. You know how they say that you can’t tell someone how to get somewhere unless you’ve been there yourself? Well I’ve been there, and I’m going to show you the way. Think about it…

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100% Money Back Guarantee

I'm so sure that you will finally get rid of your underarm sweating, if you apply the methods in my eBook. But if for any reason, the methods don't work for you & don't produce results, I'm offering an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. Just send me an email, & I will offer you a full refund, no questions asked! And I will insist you keep all of my bonus gifts for FREE just for giving "7 fast ways to stop underarm sweating" an honest evaluation. Fair enough?

You don’t have to suffer embarrassment & humiliation any more!

Get “7 Ways To Stop Underarm Sweating” today. Learn the most effective & proven techniques to finally help you get rid of that armpit sweating, once & for all in your life! Take back control of your life.


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